HipHop Dance

HipHop Dance with GOOSIE & DANIEL


You asked for it, so you got it. 

Our Wednesday night HipHop classes are here to stay! 

Wednesday Night Beginner HipHop Dance

with Daniel and Goosie 

6:30pm – 8:00pm

Classes begin Wednesday August 17th

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The Next generation is leading the way in 31Svn’s newest HipHop Class. 

Goosie and Daniel are 2 of our up and coming HipHop dancers and instructors and are putting in the work to help bring up the future generation of dancers behind them. 

This HipHop class is a vibe! Come get down with us on Wednesdays!

HipHop Dance with Sir Limitless

Classes – Monthly Drop ins

No Registration needed.

Next Scheduled class: 


Class cost: $15
Beginner and Advanced classes. 

Time: 1pm Beginners
2pm Intermediate/Advanced

The “In The Now” Dance

Sir Limitless’ HipHop class is not about only learning how to put a piece of choreography to a piece of music. This class is about you finding your ability to replicate, innovate, and remix these movements on your own.

Each class focuses on 2 different aspects of dance. Choreography and Freestyle. Dancers will learn a small combination, and individualized break downs of the move in order to be able to change the move and use it in your style.

We offer both Beginner and Intermediate/Advanced Level classes.

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