DJ Classes

DJ Classes with Dezzy Dezz and Tetsuo The Robot

Classes – Tuesday nights 6pm and 7pm

Ages 7+

Ch-Ch-Check it out!

Without the DJ, the dance would be non-existent. And thanks to Dezzy Dezz, and Tetsuo the Robot, 31Svn SDA is bringing you the fundamentals of DJing and Beat production for all ages. Learn how to Cut, Scratch, and Mix music!

After getting down the basic knowledge of the equipment, you’ll be taught the techniques that all DJ’s use to create unique mixes and blends. 

With Tetsuo the Robot, our students will learn how to layer different instruments, create melodies, and drum patterns and more using Melodics.


Bring your own controller or turntables, or feel free to use one of ours.

This class is great for students ages 7 and up!

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