Breakin’ with 31Svn Crew

Freeze No Bar

Instructors: Seoul, Nimbus, Dezzy Dezz, Action

Classes: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday

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Ages 5 and up

The ORIGINAL HipHop Dance.

Since it’s birth in the 1970’s, the art of Breakin’ (Breakdance) has evolved from a block party getdown, to becoming an olympic sport in the year 2024. 


Studio owner Seoul with the help of 31Svn, leads a fun, knowledgeable, and true school class for all levels of Breakers. With a heavy focus on the understanding of Music, and breakin’ technique, our style of teaching has proven to give you a foundation that you are able to build your own unique style upon. 


We learn fundamental movements to advanced combinations, and build both performance, battle, and cypher rounds to help all students learn how to express themselves through their own individual style. 

No experience is necessary and begin at ages 5!
Group and private lessons available.


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