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31Svn 2020 Demo

Check out what 31Svn is bringing to the city of Indianapolis. Since it's creation in 2017, 31Svn has quickly become one of Indiana's most prominent and respected Breakin Crews. Sharing their love and passion for street dance and HipHop Culture, 31Svn provides a true school, all ages performance that blends perfect with any event!

31Svn SDA on
Fox 59

31Svn SDA got some air time on Fox59 with Sherman Burdette to help promote Spark! Fishers. Fishers annual 4th of July festival. Thanks to Fishers Parks and Rec for helping put us on. Check out our students on the floor!


31svn is about individual personal growth, self expression, and identity development which makes it a place where any kid can not just be welcome but also thrive. Adults and kids grow and practice side-by-side creating organic mentorships. If your child likes to dance and needs to build self-confidence, this is the place

Steve L

Seoul is an excellent role model who has an amazing ability to transfer his passion for break dancing to others. He approaches each new move in a fun and simple way that allows my son and his peers to grasp and progress toward harder moves. I appreciate greatly that Seoul creates and seeks out free and affordable opportunities for his students to compete and exhibit what they’ve learned. I highly recommend 31Svn!

Jessie B

Our son started to learn break dancing moves on YouTube. Then we found out about 31SVN street dance and decided to check them out. Under the guidance of Seoul, my son has grow so much! Not only has he advanced in his dance technique, he has gained tremendous confidence in himself.

Indra B

My son has participated in many different sports and activities, but breakdancing is the only one that he has wanted to stick with over a long period of time and actually practice on his own.

John O

Five stars isn’t enough for son has been taking classes for almost a year and a half and enjoys every minute of it. Seoul is amazing with the kids and builds a relationship with each and every one of them. It’s great to be a part of such a positive and fun learning environment.

Melissa D

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