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31Svn Group Class Information

31Svn SDA is now enrolling for Small group classes for the month of July 2020! Maximum 5 students per class. Social distancing will be in place in the studio. Read our Covid-19 Re-opening guidelines below.

Breakin 1

Breakin’ 1: Ages 5-8, 9-12, 13+ (No experience necessary)

Our intro to Breakin’. In this beginners course we will be exploring the fundamentals of Breakin’ (breakdance). Starting with the dance while standing called Toprock, exploring the core of the dance known as footwork, and beginning the mechanics and techniques of Freezes and Powermoves. All while guiding the students through a basic understanding of musicality and matching our movements to the beat. Come express yourself in our challenging but fun Breakin’ 1 Class!

Breakin 2

Breakin 2: Ages 5-8, 9-12, 13+ (Some experience necessary)

Our Breakin 2 will dive into some of the intricate ideas and difficult movements, Introducing concepts, sets, combos, and dynamics. As we develop our foundation, our style begins to emerge, and our breakin’ 2 class helps that style become an identity through dance. We also introduce the higher levels of training that are involved to help maintain our skillset and continue to improve.

Online Classes

31Svn SDA Online!

That’s right! 31Svn SDA is now online!!! You can now join in with us from the comfort of your own home!

Our online classes are a great way to get introduced to the basics, as well as some advanced fundamentals and combinations while your first learning how to BREAK!

Our packages include weekly video tutorials, and live stream classes! If you are interested in trying our classes out, join us for a free trial!!

Private Breakin' Classes

Private Breakin’ Classes

If you are new to breakin, or are just want to make sure that this style of dance is the right one for you, our Private classes are a perfect, and affordable way to get started! Our private classes are great for students of any age to get a feel of our studio, and our dance!

Our private class rate is: $25 per class. Class is 50 Minutes long.

Our private and small group classes will be held at 31Svn SDA.
Please see our new Covid-19 Guidelines HERE:

Please contact me to book private/small group classes.

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